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Food grade compact conveyor belt elevator feeder for auto packing system

Short Description:

Independent belt feeder can be widely used in metallurgy, mineral processing, building materials, hydro-Power and other departments.

It can be used to transport and accumulate all kinds of bulk and granular materials.



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Product parameters

Machine model


Conveyor belt material

Food grade PVC belt

Machine material

304 stainless steel

Bin material










The belt feeder with mixer. It is available for  product material need to be separated, like the bean sprouts.

BF 6

According to the conveying process requirements, can be single conveying, can also be composed of more than one or other conveying equipment composed of horizontal or inclined conveying system, in order to meet different needs of the whole line. The material through the single bucket elevator to the belt, with the rotation of ac speed regulating motor, the belt slowly move forward, the material on the belt surface through the first round to the next process, to achieve secondary transmission.Belt feeding machine is mainly composed of frame, conveying belt, belt roller, tensioning device, transmission device and so on, belt feeder can be connected with the fuselage adopts steel plate, formed from the leg height difference before and after the frame, plane tilted a certain Angle, belt roller, roller mounted on the frame, etc., used for driving and supporting conveyor belt. Belt feeder has deceleration motor drive and electric drum drive two ways.

Product features

1、Low power consumption, easy to operate.

2、Easy installation, large throughput.

3、The use of speed regulating motor, by changing the belt speed to adjust the ore.

4、Low noise and low cost.

5、Simple structure, convenient maintenance.

6、Beautiful appearance, standardized parts.

7、Can be customized according to customer needs.

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