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Inclined belt conveyor why will slip?

Inclined belt conveyor why will slip?

      Inclined conveyor why often appear skid phenomenon? How to solve the skidding phenomenon? Angle of belt conveyor is the use of conveyor belt for conveying material social transmission torque and friction between the roller, and then send the material Or between the conveyor belt and roller friction is less than the load capacity level component can slip out of the Inclined conveyor, conveyor belt running deviation of serious impact wear, and even may also lead to fire and heavy dump of the accident By using the Inclined conveyor status of force bearing analysis on the different stages of the us, relative to other normal development and stability of operation management and the tension of different place, starting system time is relatively short change of acceleration is bigger, spray formed by force is bigger, so the possibility of a skid produce greater than when the normal life and stable operation Therefore, in the process design of the company’s production technology practice, the slip problem of inclination belt conveyor with full load should be solved when starting, to solve the slip problem when starting with full load, it is equivalent to solving the problem of belt slip of inclination belt conveyor with full load. Soft start Refers to the belt conveyor starting from the low frequency power operation, namely from the working state of the low speed gradually rise to achieving, rather than as usual to quickly move to the rated speed, it can prolong the start time of a belt conveyor, reduce the starting acceleration, the drum and the friction between belt increases gradually, avoid sudden starts belt tension is greater than the actual big tension, very effective At the same time, At present, the soft start technology is becoming more and more mature and is being applied in the starting process of belt conveyor Many types of soft start device, such as pressure drop start, the use of frequency sensitive rheostatic and CST, the working principle is different, according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate soft start technology believe after reading the above content, we all know that the dip Angle belt conveyor slip problem how to solve.

Post time: Sep-21-2019