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What are the safety technical measures and matters

What are the safety technical measures and matters needing attention when the belt conveyor is installed underground in coal mine?

Preparations before installation

1: Technical preparation

A: The geosurvey department is required to release the center line of the belt of the roadway and the center line of the drum of the belt head, and determine the height of the belt foundation. The center line of the belt should be given at intervals of 50 meters.

B: Prepare the belt installation technical documents.

2: Equipment preparation: all parts of the belt to be installed must be intact and in sufficient quantity.

3: Tools preparation: construction tools must be ready.

4: Personnel preparation: the construction personnel must be responsible for the special person, all construction personnel must be familiar with the equipment performance and working principle.

Two, installation method:

1. Installation sequence: belt head and transmission part → belt storage bin → belt middle frame → belt tail section → belt wearing

2. First, the double layer of the belt is spread along the machine lane, and then laid in accordance with the installation sequence. After the belt frame is installed, the belt connector is made and connected with the cable and the middle belt is put on the shelf. When the main and auxiliary drum wear belt, first of all, the motor should be powered on, and then through the inching motor and manpower with wear the storage belt section belt.

3, the belt installation center line must be guaranteed to be in line with the measured belt center line, to ensure the installation quality. All belt buckles must meet the standard requirements when making belt joints.

3. Safety technical measures

1. Transportation method

5T electric locomotive and JD-11.4 winch with transportation, 5T and more than the large each time only allowed to hang a car, the rest of the small pieces can be string car transportation, but string car quantity each time is not more than 2 cars, must use φ18.5mm short rope buckle connected.

2. During the belt installation, the lifting equipment must comply with the following provisions:

A Lifting equipment must be in good condition.

B Before lifting, carry out test lifting to ensure that there is no problem before lifting.

C No one is allowed to work, walk or stay under the lifting equipment.

D The lifting tool must be checked by special person.

3. When wearing the belt, attention should be paid to the fact that no one should work within the range of the roller when the belt is moved to prevent accidents.

4. After the belt is installed, the test run is carried out under the condition that there is no problem after inspection and the belt protection and signal are complete and complete.

5. The belt test must be operated by skilled belt drivers, with no less than three people at each part of the nose and tail, and one person is required to monitor the middle section every 100 meters. Test operation personnel must be neatly dressed, cuffs and other requirements buckle. If any problem is found during the test run, the machine should be shut down in time


Post time: Aug-19-2020