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  • Screw Meat Weigher

    Screw Meat Weigher

    Mainly used in automatic weighing viscous, not easy to flow materials, such as fresh/frozen meat, mustard, jujube and so on.Mainly suitable for chicken, pork, duck, fish, beef, mutton and other meat super sticky materials.

  • Linear Combination Weigher

    Linear Combination Weigher

    Suitable for semi-automatic or automatic weighing of fresh/frozen pork, fish, vegetables and fruits, such as meat slices, lettuce, apples, etc.

  • Linear Weigher

    Linear Weigher

    Main applications are suitable for smaller particles and powders such as rice, sugar, flour, coffee powder, etc. Longer material can reach 250mm, feeding chute is a small Angle of 60 degrees.

  • Standard Multihead Weigher

    Standard Multihead Weigher

    Suitable for weighing melon seeds, peanuts, kernels, almonds, raisins, candies, pistachios, potato chips, shrimp strips, dumplings, meatballs, puffed, hardware and other granular, flake, strip, round and irregular materials.

  • Salad Multihead Weigher

    Salad Multihead Weigher

    Mainly suitable for fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, broadleaf vegetables, tomatoes, mangoes and so on.The large capacity weighing bucket is suitable for quantitative weighing of all kinds of vegetables and large weight granular materials.

  • Mixture Weigher

    Mixture Weigher

    Multi-function with different weighing modes: it can mix 2-4 kinds of materials and pack them into the same bag. It can be equipped with double outlet feeding and two packing machines, or single material can be used with high-speed packing machine.

  • Mini Multi-head Weigher

    Mini Multi-head Weigher

    Mainly used for weighing regular or irregular granular materials, suitable for food or non-food industry, such as potato chips, frozen food, vegetables, seafood, nails, etc.