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Salad Multihead Weigher

Short Description:

Mainly suitable for fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, broadleaf vegetables, tomatoes, mangoes and so on.The large capacity weighing bucket is suitable for quantitative weighing of all kinds of vegetables and large weight granular materials.

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Product parameters




Weigh head



Weigh Range




60 bpm

90 bpm

Power Supply



Packing Size



N/G Weight



Weigh Bucket





Control Penal

7”or 10”Touch Screen


220V 50/60Hz;Single Phase

Drive System

Stepper Motor(Modular Driving)

Modular design, minimum failure rate of packaging equipment, enhanced vibration control, precise control of product feeding by weighing sensor, stable and enhanced fuselage, amplitude automatic tracking, fault self-diagnosis function.The rotation speed and direction of the rotating main vibration plate can be adjusted, the flow of materials is more smooth, the feeding groove can be designed at different angles, suitable for different material characteristics, the material contact surface adopts the pattern plate design optional, to prevent the material adhesion.

Product features

1、Suitable for different vegetable and heavy granular products in auto weighing;

2、Strong IP65 water proof,convenient for cleaning after daily work;

3、All food contact parts attachable,quick release without tool,easy for maintenance and cleaning;

4、All linear pans with deep angle and special design for easy flowing&equal feeding to increase speed;

5、Different angle on discharge chute with vibration or air blow,suitable for different product features;

6、Rotary top cone with adjustable speed and clockwise&anti-clockwise direction,make feeding smoothly;

7、Enable weigh hopper shaking,make sure products not sticky on weigh hopper for higher actual weight precsion;

8、AFC auto adjust linear vibration,make sure good accuracy;

9、Initial program recipe easy for operator setting,and save recipes same as micron office with different name;

10、Access to different submenu without password,user friendly.

Special for mini scale weighing

1、Auto weighing various kind of salad,60°chute with vibration or air blow to ensure smooth filling;

2、Strong IP65 water proof,easy for cleaning after daily work.

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