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Customized efficient rice snack nuts food Z type C type bucket elevator conveyor

Short Description:

Z type elevator is also called Z type chain bucket elevator, mainly used for conveying good fluidity of food, crops, such as: peanuts, soybeans, rice, candy, dried fruit and other food, but also used for hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical, granular material transportation. Z- bucket elevators allow feeding control in one or more positions and can be easily inter-operated with various types of feeding devices. 

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Product parameters

Hopper capacity

1.8L/ 6L/ 10L (including 1 outlet) 


304 stainless steel/ carbon steel

Transmission capacity

4-6M3/ H  6-8M3/ H  8-12M3/ H 12-16M3/ H


AC220V/ 380V 50HZ/ 60HZ


0.75KW/ 1.1KW- 2.5KW/ 3KW/ 4KW

Z details

All components have easy removal inspection covers and easy positioning inspection Windows. The bucket has a quick release mechanism for quick installation or removal of the bucket. All elevators are equipped with automatic zippers and built- in overload protection.

The material from the low to the high, the realization of vertical transportation.

Product features


1. The bucket is made of food- grade PP material cast mold or 304 stainless steel material welded.

2. Can be quickly disassembled, convenient cleaning.

3. The speed can be adjusted at any time to control the lifting speed.

4. Box- type structure, easy to assemble.

5. Sanitary structure, durable configuration, high lifting height, large conveying capacity.

6. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cover a small space.

7. Easy to operate, caster is easy to locate.

8. Requires low maintenance.

9. Reliable operation and low energy consumption.

whole packing line

10.Can be combined with other supporting equipment into continuous or intermittent automatic conveying material,

    to achieve uniform material feeding downstream measuring or feeding equipment.

Provide options

1. Body material: 304# stainless steel/ carbon steel.

2. Bucket material:Plastic/ stainless steel/ titanium steel.

3. Material outlets. : single or multiple.

4. Customers can customize according to their own needs.

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