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Heavy duty packing machine system vertical single bucket elevator

Short Description:

Single bucket elevator is mainly used in food, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Such as: ribbon, mass, particle and other materials.

Conveying material from low to high in one large weight. Suitable for one- time lifting of corn, food, feed, chemical and other food materials. The electromagnetic oscillator makes the conveying of food and other materials stable, uniform and fast. 

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Product parameters

Bin material 304 stainless steel
Machine Structure 304# stainless steel/ carbon steel
Transmission capacity 2-6M3/ H
Bucket volume 30L/ 50L/ 60L/ 80L/ 100L/ 120L
Machine height 3250mm (Can be customized)
Voltage Three phase AC380V/ 220V 50HZ
Power supply 0.55KW/ 1.5KW

 Single bucket elevator is widely used in packaging system. Single bucket elevator including frame, hopper, on track, the track and chain, on track and the track under fixed on the frame, the chain is installed on the frame, hopper Settings are walking on walking wheel and the wheel, wheel placed in orbit, to walk on the walking under wheel in orbit, walking on the wheel and chain link, its characteristic is that, A lateral moving track is provided at one end of the upper track near the ground. The new type single bucket elevator has the advantages of simple action, high operation stability, low production cost and operation cost.

When the skip is at the original position at the bottom, the material is filled to the skip by manual or other means. After the skip is filled, the start button is pressed. The wire rope of the transmission device pulls the skip slowly to rise, and the skip rises to the specified height of the material layer along the guide rail. The first pair of wheels along the horizontal section of the lower rail, and the last pair of wheels along the inclined section of the upper rail continue to rise and slowly warped, so that the hopper body tilts over and the material is unloaded. At the same time, the skip hits the limit switch and the transmission stops working. Ensure that the material is unloaded, press the drop button, the skip will automatically return. When the skip returns to the feed from top to bottom, the transmission stops when it hits the bottom limit switch.

Single bucket elevator + screw feeder + working platform

working platform and single bucket-1

Product features

1. Adopt 304 stainless steel sanitary building and food grade plastic.

2. Labor saving conveyor, allowing a large amount of material movement.

3. Reliable operation and low energy consumption.

4. Corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

5. Can be customized according to customer needs.

6. Low running noise and simple operation.

7. Requires low maintenance.

8. Easy to clean.

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