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Online Sale Vertical Supporting Working Platforms For whole conveying line packing system

Short Description:

 The working platform adopts stainless steel/ aluminum surface, strong and generous, durable. With the most humane guardrail, stairs, anti- skid panel, to provide a safe and practical working platform. 

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Product parameters


Fixed working platform

Mobile working platform

Standard size




304 stainless steel or carbon steel

Platform height

Fixed height

with adjustable feet (25mm-100mm)


Bearing capacity



Power supply





220v/ 380V, 50hz/ 60hz

platform details

Mainly used for loading combined balance, can be used with Z- type elevator, independent vibration feeder/ independent screw feeder, single bucket elevator, finished product conveyor, disd tool maintenance, productiok feeder, packaging machine, multi- head weigher, play a connection role.

It is suitable for general electronic factory, research institute, laboratory, hospital, school operation, instrument storage, testing operation, factory fitter operation, machine ann line packaging and maintenance factory operation and maintenance, etc. It can bear the weight of the scale, the scale is an important equipment of the quantitative automatic packaging system.

Product features

1. Stainless steel/aluminum surface, aluminum floor and steps, stainless steel handrails/ support legs.

2. Strong and generous, durable.

3. The platform is beautiful, anti- skid and safe.

4. Simple structure, easy to maintain.

5. Small energy consumption and low use cost.

6. Low noise, suitable for quieter working environment.

7. The conveying is stable, the material and the conveyor belt have no relative movement, can avoid the damage to the conveying material.

8. Oil resistance, corrosion resistance, anti- static.

9. Impact resistance and shock absorption.

Provide options

1. Body material: 304# stainless steel/ carbon steel

2.Customers can customize the size and other requirement according to their own needs.

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