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Inclined PP modular belt elevating conveyor easy to clean

Short Description:

Inclined PP modular Belt conveyor is also called PP slat conveyor,  widely used in packing industry. It is mainly used for vertical transportation of granular materials such as apples, oranges, raisins, potato chips, onion , peanuts, candies, dried fruits, rice, spices, dried fruits and so on.

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Product parameters

Conveyor belt material 

 PP modular Belt 

Machine material

304# stainless steel / carbon steel

Transmission capacity

4-6M3/ H

Machine height

3250mm (Can be customized)


Three phase AC380V 50HZ

Power supply






Inclined PP modular belt conveyor is generally composed of unloading part, transmission part, drive part, brake, check device, tension device, fuselage, deep groove roller device and tail device. This product is suitable for free flowing products in food, agriculture, cosmetics, chemical industry and other industries. Steel bars and splints can raise the height of the object to avoid water leakage. Polyurethane belt conveyors allow feed control in one or more locations and can easily interface with various types of feed equipment. Stainless steel material design, sanitary structure, durable structure, high lifting height, large throughput. The design of the conveyor is so compact that it takes only a few minutes to install and disassemble. The automatic quantitative packing system, which is combined with multi-head weighing and vertical packing unit. The detailed size can be adjusted according to the size of multi-head balance and vertical packing machine. Our professional engineers will design the appropriate solution for you, and our manufacturing department will provide you with the actual solution.


Product features

1. Adopt 304 stainless steel sanitary structure and food grade plastic.

2. Corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

3. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Simple structure, easy to install and disassemble.

5. Labor saving and low energy consumption.

6. Small footprint, low maintenance and convenient maintenance.

7. High strength and long service life.

8. Allow large amount of material movement.

9. The speed can be adjusted at any time to control the lifting speed.


Provide options

1. Conveyor belt material: PP 

2. Body material: 304# stainless steel/carbon steel.

3. Customers can customize according to their own needs.

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