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Cumtomized Indenpendent Vibrating Feeder for food soybean rice tea

Short Description:

Stainless steel vibrating feeder (electromagnetic vibrating feeder) is mainly composed of vibration frame, spring, vibrator, motor vibration frame and motor. Vibrator is composed of two specific location of the eccentric shaft, assembling must make two gears mesh according to the tag phase, driven by motor, make the two eccentric shaft rotation, resulting in a huge synthesis of linear vibration force, make the body on the supporting spring do forced vibration, the material is powered by vibration, on chute sliding and movement, throwing to make material feed forward and to achieve. 

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Product parameters

Hopper Capacity

140L/ 150L

Conveying Capacity

3- 5M3/ H






50HZ/ 60HZ



Machine Packed dimension

1380mm (L) X370mm (W) X900mm (H)

PU application

When the material passes through the sieve bar on the tank, the smaller material can fall through the gap of the sieve bar, without going through the next crushing process, which has the effect of screening. Used for temporary storage and transportation is dry, the free flow of food and non-food will mainly flow or no flow of temporary storage and feed powder or granular food bucket elevator or vibrating screen, apply to food, hardware, chemical and other industries, such as sugar, potato chips, soybean, biscuits, rice, grain, peanuts, a variety of materials such as feeding bucket elevator.

 It uses electromagnet principle for power, the use of vibration will be transported to the bucket bucket bucket elevator, automatic operation. Its highly hygienic design and all-stainless steel construction ensure the machine is suitable for the most demanding applications, durable, easy to clean, and without backup, making it a good choice for the food industry.

Product features

1. The bin is welded with 304 stainless steel material and can be disassembled.

2. The amplitude can be adjusted at any time to control the flow, convenient and stable.

3. Electromagnet type mechanical vibration, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

4. Feeder (electromagnetic vibration feeder) vibration is stable and strong, so that the product transmission is uniform.

5. Reliable work and long life.

6. High quality and reliable work.

7. Light weight and small size.

8. Low noise, less power consumption, no impact material phenomenon, machine environmental protection.

9. Low maintenance and easy maintenance.

10. High efficiency and large feeding capacity.

11. Dust pollution can be prevented when enclosed structure fuselage is used.

12. Can be customized according to customer needs.

VB application

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