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Packing system

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The whole production of assembly line packaging, used in food, medicine, cosmetic, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries (bag, bottle) products filling (filling), sealing machine, code.Mainly include: liquid (paste) filling machine, pillow packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, powder particle packaging machine, bag feeding automatic packaging machine, frozen products automatic packaging machine and so on.

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Product parameters

Type YY-720 YY- 520
Bag length 100-480mm (L) 80- 400mm (L)
Bag width 180-350mm (W) 60- 250mm (W)
Max width of roll film 720mm 520mm
Packing speed 10-60bags/ min 10-600bags/min
Measuring range 6000ml (Max) 3000ml(Max)
Air consumption 0.65Mpa 0.65Mpa
Gas consumption 0.4m3/ min 0.4m3/ min
Power voltage 220VAC/50HZ 220VAC/50HZ
Power 5KW 4KW
Dimension  (L)1500mm*(W)1270mm* (H)1700mm (L)1500mm*(W)1170mm*(H)1500mm
Net weight 900Kg 800Kg

The packing machine adopts color touch screen and stable and reliable double axis high- precision output PLC control, bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, marking, cutting bag can be completed in one time. In the packaging machinery industry, the automatic operation is changing the packaging process and the packaging container and material processing method. The automatic control of the packaging system can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality, significantly eliminate the packaging process and printing and labeling errors, effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce energy and resource consumption. Revolutionary automation is changing the way packaging machinery is manufactured and the way its products are transmitted. 

Design, installation of automatic control packaging system, whether from the packaging machinery industry to improve product quality and production efficiency, or from the elimination of processing errors and reduce labor intensity, have shown a very obvious role.


The packing machine can be used with multi Weigher to complete the packing of materials.

Product features

1. The use of gas control and circuit control independent separation, low noise, stable performance.

2. Packaging machine clean health, environmental protection use.

3. Save material, save bag, save cost.

4. All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or rust-proof materials.

5. Good visibility of the side open protective baffle, safe operation.

6. The bag shape is good, more beautiful.

7. Achieve high precision positioning, accurate size.

8. The packing capacity can be adjusted at any time during the operation of the machine to reduce material loss and improve work efficiency

9. The use of double belt servo pull die and double servo control, less resistance.

10. Easy to use, with automatic bag making, measuring, blanking, sealing, cutting, counting, printing batch number and other functions.

11. Suitable for ordinary pillow bag and inclined bag.

12. Photoelectric cell positioning control system, accurate positioning photo eye mark.

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