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Acid resistance insulation horizontal PVC belt turning belt conveyor for beef

Short Description:

Stainless steel horizontal belt conveyor is mainly used for the horizontal transportation of granular materials, it is very suitable for food, agriculture, daily chemical, chemical and other industries in a wide range of free flow of products, such as leisure food, frozen food, vegetables, fruits, candy, dried fruit, figs, beans, chemicals, pet food and so on. 

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Product parameters


SP- 300

Frame materials

304 stainless steel or carbon steel

belt material

PP belt, PVC belt, PU belt, stainless steel belt

Machine height

Can be customized


AC220V or three- phase 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz


horizontal application-1

Stainless steel material design, sanitary structure, high lifting height. Horizontal conveyor with large throughput, simple structure, convenient maintenance and standardization of components, it is widely used in mining, metallurgical, coal and other departments, used to transport loose materials or items, according to the conveying process requirement, can be a single delivery, can also be more than one component or with other conveying equipment to form horizontal or inclined conveyor system, To meet the needs of different layout types of operation line. Horizontal conveyor is a machine that transmits all kinds of materials by continuous movement of the belt. Belt conveyor price conveyor belt, is not a belt, but rubber, plastic conveyor belt, and belt with embedded wire rope core, nylon cloth core, vinylon cloth core, rayon core composed of a variety of plane or pattern conveyor belt. 

According to the type of transportation materials to classify, there are general loose materials, hard materials and single material belt conveyor, etc., according to the position of the rubber transport belt bearing section to classify, including the belt bearing section in the upper and bearing section below and at the same time bearing section in the upper and lower two direction conveyor three types, The use of two-way conveyor can be respectively in the upper branch and the lower branch conveying materials, but in order to keep the material contact surface does not change, it is necessary to turn the rubber belt regularly.

horizontal application-2

Product features

1. Adopt 304 stainless steel material and food grade plastic.

2. No noise, easy to clean.

3. Stable and reliable operation.

4. It can be customized according to customer requirements.

5. Acid resistance, corrosion resistance, solid insulation.

6. Not easy to aging, high strength.

7. Adopt professional motor, long service life.

8. Mobility with wheels.

9. Durable configuration, large delivery capacity.

10. Low energy consumption and maintenance required.

11. Simple structure, small cross section scale.

Horizontal Belt Conveyor Details:

horizontal application-detailed

Provide options

1. Frame: 304/ 316 stainless steel or carbon steel.

2. PVC, PP, PU, stainless steel belt.

3.  According to customer requirements.

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