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The independent Screw feeder is the equipment of using the spiral pipe to convey the material, can also be called screw conveyor, screw blade feeder, spiral feeder, commonly known as the stranded dragon. Can lift all kinds of powder, particles and with the packaging machine to complete automatic feeding, can be used in other cases alone. Suitable for non- viscous powder, small particle, granular, granular, such as rice, milk powder, salt, soybean powder, etc. 

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Product parameters

Model Item YP-DL114 YP-DL141 YP-DL159 YP-DL219
Production Capacity 3m³/ h 5m³/ h 7m³/ h 12m³/ h
Pipe Diameter φ114mm φ141mm φ159mm φ219mm
Power Supply 0,81kw 1.56kw 1.56kw 2.2kw
Machine Structure 304 stainless steel
Hopper Volume 200L
Voltage 220v/380v, 50hz/60hz
Inclined Angle 45 degree for standard,30 or 60 degree can be customized
Discharging Height 2200mm standard, others available
Hopper Type round or square
Machine Weight 130kg 180kg 230kg 270kg

Two motors are used for screw feeding and hopper vibration control respectively. Hopper amplitude can be adjusted according to material characteristics. The device can transport the material horizontally, inclinably or vertically, and the material can be fed in the sealed spiral tube. Look from the appearance of the equipment can be divided into U screw feeder and tube type screw feeder, from internal structure can be divided into shaft screw feeder and shaftless screw feeder, different styles have different functions, the customer can choose according to their own actual situation, the equipment is widely used in construction sites, feed mills, mines, or cooking oil and other industries. 


The independent screw feeder is usually used combined with single bucket elevator and working platform.

Product features

1. Simple structure, easy to operate.

2. Small size, good sealing effect, can play a dustproof role.

3. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. The vibration and vibration range of the material box can be adjusted, the material box is designed independently, easy to take off.

5. 304 stainless steel sanitary buildings and food grade plastics.

6. Labor-saving conveyor, allowing a large number of material movement.

7. Reliable work, low energy consumption. Corrosion and wear resistance.

8. Requires low maintenance, easy to clean.

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